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I like to move it, move it

Do you like to move it?

One way or another, we've all got to move. Whether it's to get out of bed in the morning, carry the shopping, pick up your toddler when they fall over or run for the bus - movement is something we do every day.

Even if you have no intention of ever running a marathon, getting on a bike or climbing over obstacles - you still need to move.

And if you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, football/netball player, dancer, yoga enthusiast, or rock climber - all the flexibility, mobility, cardio, strength and endurance work really just boil down to moving your body in different/harder ways.

Our bodies are pretty amazing things, but they move in some very simple ways: we can PULL, PUSH, HINGE (bending over), SQUAT, ROTATE (and anti-ROTATION), WALK. Almost every time we move we are using one or more of these.

So, organise your workouts around these movements:

  • PULL: Rows or Pull-Ups

  • PUSH: Push-ups or Bench Press

  • HINGE: Deadlifts, Kettlebell Swings, Good Mornings

  • SQUAT: Goblet Squats, Back Squats

  • ROTATE: Russian Twists

  • ANTI-ROTATE: Renegade Rows, Single-Leg Deadlifts

  • WALK: Farmers Carry

To this you can add CORE exercises such as Dead Bugs, which will help with all other movements.

When we train clients 1-1 or in our group classes, all our exercises are organised around these movements. Come along and start to move it, move it.

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