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It’s amazing to be alive

Frankly it’s amazing that I'm alive to have written this and that you are alive to be able to read this. Not just that billions of years of evolution had to happen to make human beings possible, but the odds of the exact combination of DNA needed to make you who you are vanishingly small. And even then, your body is a remarkable thing, that could go wrong in so many ways:

So, it seems worthwhile investing in yourself. Make sure that you take care of the remarkable human being that you are:

  • Take control of your life.

  • Set your own goals.

  • Set the right kind of goals.

  • Find a sport that you enjoy.

  • Challenge yourself to get better at it.

  • Reward yourself.

By now you may have already decided to take control, have set yourself the goal of running your first 1k, 5k, or 10k race. Or maybe to run it faster than last time. Or run all three! If so, I expect your body will keep moving around for a few years more.

If you still need a goal – then there is time to sign up for the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run. And if you want more insight into what motivates us – read my blog post here.

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