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Start Me Up - a new adventure

Some people like to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane with just a small piece of material in a bag strapped to their back. Personally, if the plane is going to land anyway, I don't see the point. But obviously everyone has their own definition of adventure and excitement.

Karina and I are taking our own leap into the unknown, and this time without a parachute, a net or even one of those big inflatable things to fall onto when jumping out of a tall building. Having spent most of our adult life so far doing grown-up things like being a parent, having a proper job, science-stuff and birth stuff, etc. we've just started something new and exciting - our very own Personal Training and fitness business!

I got into this fitness malarkey late in my 40s, whereas Karina has been an Energiser bunny most of her life.

I finish triathlons, whereas Karina has a habit of winning them.

I go skiing along blue and red slopes enjoying the scenery and building up an appetite for lunch, while Karina is in a skinsuit zipping down black runs.

Have you noticed a theme yet?

But where we overlap is our shared love of outdoor exercise and adventure. Although there are plenty of great things to do indoors, life just seems better in the fresh air, come rain or shine. I'm a Scout leader, and Karina is Brown Owl of her local Brownies group. We both enjoy swimming at Highgate Ponds (although me at the Men's Pond, and her at the Ladies), and we are both members of CC London.

Highgate Men's Bathing Pond

All of this brought us together to create FreeRange Fitness, with these guiding principles:

Getting and keeping fit should be fun

If it's not fun, either find a different kind of exercise or sport, or find a way to make it fun

We are lead by the science

no fad diets, no hyped-up fitness regimes

Live an active, adventurous outdoor lifestyle

There are no short-cuts. Embrace the adventure

Support each other

Adventures are always more fun and easier to take on when shared with other people

Added together these make:

Real-Life Fitness

We hope you will join us on our journey, come along for an adventure and get fit in the process.

And while you mull that over, enjoy Mick doing his dynamic warm-up routine.


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