A fully personalised 2-month programme for advanced riders to get you ready for a multi-day long-distance (160+ km/day) ride. 


You should already have a high level of fitness, be cycling/exercising/playing sport 4-5 times a week and capable of riding for 5-6 hours with little or no stopping. You will already have ridden 160km at least once in the last year.


You will be expected to cycle at least 4 times/week and do at least 1 other form of training each week.




  • An initial phone/Skype consultation with one of our qualified Personal Trainers to discuss your training history and get to know your cycling/fitness strengths and weaknesses.
  • An initial fitness assessment, which you will carry out in your own time, under our direction.
  • An initial nutrtional assessment.
  • bespoke weekly training programme, specifically designed to get you from your current fitness levels to being able to cycle 100-160km/day on consecutive days.
  • We will keep this training plan updated as you progress, and can adapt it based on how much you have achieved.
  • The plan will include dynamic warm-up routines, stretching, cycle-specific strength work as well as 4 different cycle training sessions, designed to improve your strength, stamina and speed.
  • Nutrition and hydration guidance - to aid your training regime as well as how to plan for the ride itself
  • Unlimited email/WhatsApp support during office hours.
  • Access to your training programme via the web or a mobile app - which includes videos of the exercises we prescribe.
  • You will track each workout via the app and each ride so we can adjust your plan as appropriate.
  • Injury prevention by improving strength & stability, and reducing overtraining.
  • Monthly re-assessments to help track your progress.
  • Motivational support and guidance on mental preparation.
  • How to effectively rest and recover.
  • Advice on event preparation and what kit to wear/bring.

2-month Advanced Ride Training

  • This service will be delivered via FreeRange Fitness's training website/app using MyPTHub.


    Once you have made your purchase, we will register you on our training site within 48 hours (although it typically takes much less time than this) and make contact to arrange an initial call.


    At the end of your training, you will no longer have access to the MyPTHub app or website.