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Marathon Training

  • Want to run your first ever Marathon?

  • Need help being able to reach the distance?

  • Want to improve your Marathon Personal Best?

  • Not sure about how best to train?

  • Want a simple to follow, yet highly effective training plan that you can manage in your own time?

  • But need someone to help guide you, provide useful feedback, hints and tips and motivation?

  • Includes:

    • Fitness assessment

    • Nutritional assessment

    • Weekly bespoke run training plan

    • Delivered via our training app/web page

    • Unlimited email/WhatsApp support from our trainers

    • Injury prevention

    • Motivational support

    • Hints & tips

    • Race prep advice


"Online training is perfect for me - it keeps things flexible when I travel. Karina has helpfully made a training plan tailored for me, and I can call or email her whenever I have a question or something comes up. The online system is easy to use and the exercise videos and descriptions are useful and detailed.


In less than two months, I already feel stronger and faster in my running. I’d highly recommend Freerange Fitness Online Marathon Training"

Josh E. - training for his first ever London Marathon

"Big thanks to Simon and the team from FreeRange Fitness who helping me through my marathon journey. 


Long before I spoke to Simon, I had set myself some targets. Most were simple like first 10k by Oct. My second-to-last goal was to run my farthest on Xmas day. I pictured a freezing cold frosty morning and me running for around 15k. Instead, after 2 months of training with Simon I got a damp, raining horrible day but I ran 18.24km in just over 2 hours.


My final goal is 22nd April and 26.2
Miles. It’s now all down Simon to set my goals"


Jonny L. - training for his first ever London Marathon

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