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We believe that living a healthy lifestyle begins with getting out a bit more.


Get out of your chair

Get out of your car

Get out of the gym

Get out of your office 


We don't think you should be cooped up indoors.


The world is a beautiful place and we want to help you find many ways to enjoy it, while getting fit at the same time.


We want to get you running, cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, skiing, or just doing anything less boring than what you are doing right now.


You may have found us because you want to get fit, lose weight,  run your first 5k, finish your first triathlon or win your next race.


Whatever the reason - welcome

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Simon has a variety of feathers in his cap:

  • Father of 2 boys

  • A GB Age-Group triathlete

  • Duathlete, runner, cyclist and skier

  • Eater of yummy foods

  • Scout Leader, youth football manager

  • 20+ years of working in the technology industry

  • Too many gadgets

  • Enthusiastic about all kinds of outdoor adventures (especially when he gets to use some of his gadgets)

  • Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle

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